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Flower & Self-Love (Group)

Get healing from a single flower

  • 30 US dollars

Service Description

What is Flower and Self-Love Session? A healing method that combines flowers and psychology. Intuitively select flowers and enjoy flower arrangements without rules. Unconsciously selected flowers will open your heart. Flowers talk about feelings that you didn't even notice. I am a flower guide. I will tell you the flower's keyword by looking at the flowers you chose and the position where you placed the flowers. And you listen to the keyword and write down what you noticed. This session provides a safe, secure and positive place so you can rest assured that you will be able to attend the session. Things to prepare: Let's start by choosing flowers. From there your healing begins. Intuitively choose the flowers and vegetation that bloomed in your garden or purchase flowers at a flower shop. Please prepare one to several flowers according to your budget. Tools to prepare: A vase or a container with floral absorbent sponge (Oasis) for flower arrange.

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